Downoak Pub Bond

Our platform enables companies to raise debt to support their growth plans. We are building on 25 years of experience of working with businesses to offer you access to an alternative source of funding. We take the time to understand your market and can help you grow your company.

We have set out our borrower criteria below - if this fits with your company, please get in touch with an outline of your business plan, funding needs, historic and forecast financials and any indication you have of business/property valuation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Borrower requirements:


Your company must be either a UK incorporated Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership.


Your company should have a proven track record of profitable trading.

Funding type

We offer debt of between £1 million and £10 million on one to three-year terms. Please note that we do not offer equity fundraising.


Your company should be a trading businesses (such as pubs, hotels, care homes or children’s nurseries) or yielding renewable assets (solar farms, AD, wind, hydro).


We typically seek to work with businesses that are backed by assets (like freehold property) or have predictable revenue streams (such as long-term contracts in place).

Early stage equity investments

For earlier-stage business seeking equity funding, Downing Ventures may be more appropriate for you.

Downing Ventures invests between £250,000 and £5 million in UK technology companies through Downing-managed Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes. Often, we will invest in seed-stage companies and then look to continue to support them through phases of subsequent growth. Find out more by visiting downingventures.com.