Downing Crowd Bonds

Applying 20 years of investment management experience to debt based crowdfunding: with potential to offer decent risk adjusted returns for investors and competitive finance for businesses.

35,000 investor network

With £1.7bn invested over 20 years into businesses aiming to make a profit and a difference.

Asset-backed businesses

We only arrange loans with companies that can provide a level of security for bondholders.

Investor protection

Bonds go through our due diligence and have a full offer document outlining risks and returns.

Keeping money separate

Investors' money is held in a segregated bank account pre and post investment.


Our team monitor performance and help investors keep track of their money post investment.

Contingent fees

Our annual monitoring fees are contingent on investors getting their capital and interest back.

Latest Offers (2)

  • An opportunity to lend to a company that owns an 83-bed care home in Edinburgh and earn 5.50% (incl. early bird bonus) over 1 year.

    Raise:   £3m
    Type:   Care
    Status:   Operational
    Asset-backed:   Yes
  • The Bond is secured against a portfolio of residential solar PV systems in Colchester.

    Raise:   £2.7m
    Type:   Solar
    Status:   Operational
    Asset-backed:   Yes
Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. These are fixed term bonds and are not readily realisable.