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It's a balancing act

The energy trilemma - balancing energy security, cost and emissions - has been at the forefront of our national conversation for many years. The prospects of a future ban on petrol and diesel vehicles only adds to the need for an ambitious and innovative response to this critical challenge.

We believe Pivot Power is well-positioned to play a meaningful role in supporting the UK’s low-carbon transition with their plans for a world first 2GW network of batteries and rapid EV (electric vehicle) charging stations.

Working with Pivot Power

Through our partnership with the Pivot Power team, we have developed an exciting but robust business plan to seize this unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in the battery and EV revolution.

Downing managed funds have backed over 100 investments in renewable energy generation since 2010, totalling more than £500 million, and we believe this new opportunity fits well with our expertise and experience.

Having already provided development capital for the initial phase of the project, we are now planning a programme of project finance as the rollout of batteries and rapid charging stations progresses.

We are committed to ensuring members of the public, including EV drivers, will have the opportunity to invest alongside institutional investors through the Downing Crowd platform.

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