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Crowd Bonds look set to become a popular addition to the IF ISA, as many investors seek to further diversify their portfolios, thanks to the rise in the annual ISA allowance from £15k to £20k. Instead of just taking home 4-4.5% from 6% gross earnings, the tax-efficient wrapper will also allow crowd bond investors to keep everything with no income tax payable on the interest earned……an attractive prospect in the current low interest-rate world. Read the article

In fact, Crowd Bonds are a simple type of securitised investment and, provided investors fully understand the relevant risks compared to savings accounts, they can potentially offer attractive returns in the current climate of low interest rates and rising inflation. Read the article

To me, risk is not a dirty word. There is no such thing as investment without risk. That’s what we call savings, though with interest rates this low, in real terms, you are losing money when any interest payments are less than the rate of inflation. The challenge is to understand what the risks are, and whether they are worth taking for the potential return on offer. Read the article

Despite any good intentions to invest early, the end of every tax year inevitably sees investors flock to ISAs at the last minute – it’s simply human nature. But investors should still take time amidst the rush to shop around, particularly in today’s low interest rate world. Read the article

Groves remarked that her firm engage in due dilligence of the firms seeking to raise capital, and if investors lose their capital or are not paid the coupon promised, then Downing will not be paid its fee. Read the article

It’s a privilege to be able to bring a new lease of life to beautiful buildings at the heart of these market towns, creating local jobs along the way and helping with the communities’ wider sustainability efforts, highlighted by our top rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Crowdfunding investors have helped us turn this vision into a reality and we are excited to be working with Downing Crowd in this latest project. Read the article

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