Earn 2.25% p.a. on a 7-day access bond.

You could lose all of your money invested in these products. 

These are high-risk investments and are much riskier than a savings account. 


Bond full

This bond is now fully subscribed.


7-day access

for investments under £250,000. 30 day access for investments of £250,000 or more (both subject to liquidity).


Estimated 10-20% LTV

loan-to-value of the bond.


Invest in energy assets

with the Bagnall 7-day Access bond.

A multi-asset bond

Bagnall Energy Ltd

Bagnall is a UK business managed by Downing LLP. Since 2013, the company has steadily built shareholder value by deploying over £335 million in renewable energy and energy infrastructure projects.

Its portfolio is valued at around £218 million, consisting of 41 holdings in operational solar, wind, reserve power and other infrastructure assets.


What do I need to know before investing?

  • Where is my money invested?

    Your money will be invested into a bond from Bagnall Energy Limited (Bagnall). The bond provides a flexible way to put your money to work in the short-term, while maintaining access to your funds. 

    Your money will be invested in UK energy infrastructure companies. Demand for energy is constantly increasing due to the world's population growth and economic development. In 2018, green energy (e.g. solar and wind energy) in the UK overtook capacity of fossil fuels for the first time ever. 

    As renewable generation increases so does the requirement for flexible generation and storage solutions to balance out the intermittent nature of renewables. For example, peak plants help to support the UK energy market's usage during times of high demand or low supply as stand-by generators can be switched on to provide additional power when the national grid supply is low. 

  • What are the risks?

    As with all investments, the Bagnall 7-day Access Bond has risks that you should be aware of and comfortable with before you invest. 

    • Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.
    • Investors are recommended to spread their funds across a number of investments to diversify risk and not place too much capital in a single investment.
    • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for deposits does not apply to Downing Bonds. There may be circumstances in which investors can claim up to £85,000 of compensation where Downing LLP is unable or unlikely to honour legally enforceable obligations against it (e.g. claims for fraud or misrepresentation). However, investors will not be able to claim under the FSCS simply because a bond fails to repay capital or pay interest
    • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
    • Any estimates, forecasts or projections of anticipated revenues, site values, costs, or inflation are based on what we believe to be reasonable at the time of writing and are not guaranteed.
    • Bagnall expects to be able to return your interest and capital within seven days of your request. However, should requests for redemptions exceed expected cashflows of the company, there may be times where they cannot honour redemptions within seven days.
    • The UK government could retrospectively change the level of subsidies.

    For a full list of risks please see here.

  • What should my returns look like?

    You can expect a 2.25% p.a. return on the bond if you are investing in Offer A, 2.35% p.a. in Offer B and 2.5% p.a. in Offer C. Interest will compound quarterly and be paid out when you redeem your capital.

  • How we manage our bonds?

    Downing is an experienced investment manager, with over 30 years' experience and over £1 billion of funds under management. 

    We arrange the deal between the lenders (you and any other Downing managed funds) and the borrowers. Downing's responsibilities include: 

    • Sourcing the projects
    • Carrying out extensive due diligence
    • Arranging payments to and from the lenders and borrowers
    • Managing the register of bondholders
    • Acting as receiving agent and security trustee
    • Monitoring the investment 
    • Navigating and executing exits

    Bagnall is overseen by an independent board which meets three times a year and reviews all new opportunities before investment.

  • What are the charges?

    There is an annual monitoring fee of up to 1% p.a paid by Bagnall to Downing LLP. This charge is contingent on bondholders receiving their capital back in full. It will be repaid by Downing if this is not the case. This charge excludes VAT.

  • Why invest in a regular access bond?
    • You can invest in regular access bonds through our innovative finance ISA and some self-invested personal pensions (SIPP).
    • There are weekly tranches, so your capital will be invested within seven days of Downing receiving the funds.
    • You can request your money back at any time and Bagnall expects to return your funds within seven days (subject to liquidity).

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